Selecting the right fireplace, freestanding stove or insert for your home (and even the right fuel) requires a good deal of research. To help you in this process, we've included several links to websites that we have found helpful.

Majestic Log Set
Wow ... The information you'll find at this site will make you a woodburning pro in no time. A non-commercial service in support of responsible home heating with wood, it will help you with such things as selecting the right fireplaces or wood burning stoves and maintaining them, burning wood safely, understanding the types of firewood and how to season it, calculating how much you'll save on your heating bill, and just about everything else.

MU Guide, "Wood Fuel for Heating"
Another good article on firewood, providing a basic understanding of the burning process and its safety, types of firewood, improving efficiency and how wood is measured.

U.S. Forest Products Laboratory, “Firewood Ratings and Info”
Want to know which types of firewood throw the most sparks? This table comparing all types of firewood looks at everything, including relative heat output, sparks, aroma, ease of splitting and more.

Pellet Fuels Institute
The PFI is a non-profit association that educates consumers about the convenience and practicality of using wood pellet fuel. Of particular interest in their site is the “Compare Fuel Costs” page, which will help you calculate how much you’d save by heating with wood pellets.

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